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Our thermal oil heaters are used in various heating processes, like in the textile- and plastics industry, bitumen- and asphalt plants and other industrial applications.

Our design with a large dimensioned combustion chamber ensures complete combustion of the fuel. Ensuring low heat transfer rates throughout the heating surface and low film temperatures. Together with the heavyduty construction this leads to a long lifetime of the thermal oil heater.

The heaters are available in both horizontal and vertical models. In the horizontal model the furnace can be easily inspected by means of a door in the furnace cover. The heaters can be fired by means of oil, gas or electricity.

For co-generation plants we have a special heat recovery design for use in combination with diesel engines.This can be done with a choice of steam, hot water or thermal oil. Heatmaster produce as well designed hot water installation (maximum temperature 180°C) deployable as a heating medium in various processes.

Industrial Heating Systems

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